Vancouver Granville 400 Club

Donate a minimum of $400 one-time or $35/month to the Vancouver Granville Conservative Association, and become a member of the 400 Club!

Members who donate a minimum of $400 annually to our Electoral District Association will have access to special events, speakers, and exclusive updates pertaining to our riding and the Conservative Party. 

Joining 400 Club is a great way to become an important player in our riding. 

After donating, our board will follow up in a timely manner with further details.

For reference, the table below shows your net cost after tax credit based on your annual donation amount.



Tax Credit


Net Cost

$400 - $300 = $100
$1000 - $558.33 = $341.67
$1275 - $650 = $625
$1650 (max) - $650 = $1000

Contributions by Cheque

Please make your personal cheque payable to Vancouver Granville Conservatives.

Mail your cheque to:

Vancouver Granville Conservatives
PO Box 20140 Fairview PO
Vancouver, BC  V5Z 0C1

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